Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Monthly Rubdown: C-Dubs BBQ

The Monthly Rubdown: C-Dubs BBQ -

C-Dub's RubsWhen thinking of Seattle, BBQ normally isnt the first thing that comes to mind. Most people probably conjure up images of Starbucks coffee, rainy afternoons, or an endless crowd of grungy flannel shirts. While each of those have certainly cemented their place in the citys ever changing pop-culture, weve got our taste buds locked on a new line of BBQ rub thats looking to re-brand the upper Northwest as the new BBQ hotbed.

C-Dubs BBQ is a family run business from Seattle that draws strong influence from Carolina style BBQ, which is where C-Dub himself originally hails. Their line of all-natural organic rubs carry a big bold flavor thats designed to enhance and compliment that taste of your favorite meats. A quick taste reveals a garlic front-end accentuated with a touch of salt, that fades into a herb middle and finishes with a slight sweetness. The Voodoo Rub sports the same flavors, but also has a building heat that joins the party half way through. Its not an overwhelming heat by any means, but just enough to let you know thats something else is going on in there. These rubs have quickly become my go-to selection for chicken wings..especially the spicy Voodoo!!!

C-Dub's Rubs

Both of C-Dubs rubs are now available in our BBQ Addicts online store, and as always, you can save a buck when purchasing both.

C-Dubs BBQ Rub (5.5 oz. shaker) 7.99
C-Dubs Voodoo Rub (5.5 oz. shaker) 7.99
C-Dubs Rubs Combo (2 x 5.5 oz. shakers) 14.99

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